My name is Patrick Hendriks, and I live in the Netherlands. I started collecting fossils when I was a little boy. The first fossil I ever found was an ammonite from the Ardennes in Belgium. In the beginning I was collecting everything I could lay my hands on, but now my main passion lies with shark teeth, and especially the genus Squalicorax.

My main interest these days lies with the species Squalicorax. I just love these teeth. Don't know exactly why, but it's the way it is. Maybe it's because these teeth have some wonderful serrations, or maybe it's the shape of them with their high crown which is nicely curved. Also the fact that this shark only lived in the Cretaceous period and then seemed to be wiped out is intriguing.

Now I'm trying to expand my knowledge of these teeth in any way I can, and would like to share this information with everybody else who is interested in shark teeth and especially Squalicorax. And thatís how this web site has begun.

This web site is mainly a photographic library with pictures of Squalicorax and Pseudocorax. Most of them are from my own collection, but there are also pictures in it from collections of some friends of mine. I hope that through these pictures others can compare their own finds and appreciate the beauty of these teeth.

Meanwhile Iím still trying to expand my collection. So I hope to update this website continuously with new pictures of Squalicorax. Either from my own collection or through pictures that have been sent to me from other collections.