In our world of fossil collecting everybody tries to expand their collection. Some of us are lucky enough to live in an area where they can go out and collect them themselves. And in this way they are able to build up a very nice collection.

Others, who arenít this lucky, look for other ways to expand there collection. Ending up on    e-bay or other sites were they are selling fossils. And thanks to the Internet we also discover some Internet sites from people who build there own website, trying to share their passion of fossil collecting with other people. Sometimes we are so lucky that these people are willing to trade some of their fossils for other ones from all over the world.

And this is how I met my friend John Whitley. As everyone can see from my website, my passion is the genus Squalicorax. Searching the web for shark teeth from this genus I found this web site named . John lives in New Jersey and also loves shark teeth. He is lucky enough to live in an area were he can find these lovely teeth from the Squalicorax.

One day I decided to send him a message telling him who I am and asking him if he would like to trade some shark teeth with me. And lucky for me he was. Or first trade immediately was a very pleasant and easy one. From that moment on we frequently trade some teeth with each other. Also we shared some information about our families so that we know a little bit more about each other, building up a nice relation.

Thanks to John Iíve got some very nice teeth from the genus Squalicorax which otherwise I probably never would have managed to collect.  So that is why I want to say special thanks to a special friend.



So thanks John


 Your friend Patrick